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Miami 2017



Innovation and Technology Driven Job Creation

Sun, sand and an A-list lineup of speakers await at the 49th Wharton Global Forum from March 9 – 11. The program kicks off with a welcome reception featuring a keynote conversation with Alberto Ibarguen, L’74, and Noah Horowitz, on the role of art and civic engagement in global business communities. Keynotes and panels throughout the weekend will cover everything from disruptive innovation and big data to entrepreneurship, public policy, real estate, telecom and more, with insights and master classes from favorite faculty (Eric Bradlow, Peter Conti-Brown, Pete Fader, Mauro Guillen, Laura Huang, Dave Reibstein and Tom Robertson) and keynote speakers including Alexander Emmanuel “Alex” Rodriguez, Joshua Harris, W’86, Gabriela Ramos, K. Robert Turner, W’84 and Richard Fain, WG’72.

Amsterdam 2016


Economic Growth for the Long Run: Creating the Economic Conditions for Sustainable Development

In a world of increasing complexity and interconnectedness, economically sustainable development is both a responsible business practice and in the best interest of industries across the global spectrum. By providing stability and positive growth, we can cultivate new business models that encourage social, financial, and environmental health and well-being of communities, countries, and continents.

Join experts in government, business, and academia, along with Wharton alumni and members of the international business community, to collaboratively consider approaches to sustainable economic development and leave with a new framework for how to put these theories into practice.

Through inspiring talks, interactive group sessions, and in-depth discussions with one another, participants will gain and share valuable knowledge, make new connections, and experience the powerful force that is the Wharton Global Forum Amsterdam.

Kuala Lumpur 2016


Mobilizing ASEAN: Building the Future through Partnership

The promise of a prosperous ASEAN community will be realized through the innovative partnership of business and government; entrepreneurs and venture capital; and the maximization of ASEAN’s powerful pool of talent.

Join the Wharton community in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for this extraordinary opportunity to make new connections and learn from innovators and thought leaders who are mobilizing ASEAN through their dynamic partnerships.

Through panels, keynotes, and intimate discussions, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the context in which ASEAN is developing, and insight into some of the world’s most innovative and impactful businesses. Personal strategies and organizational tactics will be the focus of sessions, where Wharton faculty, alumni, and the business community will learn from each other and build relationships that will launch the future businesses of ASEAN.

Bangkok 2015







In March 2015, Wharton faculty, alumni and business leaders from around the world gathered in Bangkok to debate ideas and explore new pathways for exploiting the possibilities and mitigating the pitfalls of today’s borderless world, and Asia’s central role in this rapidly changing business environment. The opportunities in Asia—from infrastructure to manufacturing to cutting-edge technological innovation to middle class consumption—have the potential to create better lives for hundreds of millions of people as well as to drive economic growth worldwide. The aim of the Bangkok Forum is to enhance your and Wharton’s ability to help realize the opportunities that lie ahead.

Beijing 2014







In June 2014, Wharton faculty, alumni and business leaders from around the world gathered in Beijing to discuss the challenges and solutions surrounding the theme “Growth Through Innovation.”Drawing upon the expertise of internationally recognized scholars and business leaders, the Wharton Global Forum Beijing featured master classes, panel and roundtable discussions, and keynote speeches exploring the ways in which innovations across industries and contexts can impact economic growth.The Forum examined, in part, how innovative practices within organizations promote corporate growth and may play a role in the development of a sustainable global economy.

Panama 2014






Inspired by the Panama Canal’s 100th anniversary, and given the interrelated nature of current business models, the Wharton Global Forum Panama featured a rich program of keynotes, panels and master classes exploring the theme “Connectivity.” Attendees discussed topics relating to Panama, Latin America and the broader business community, while examining strategies for better business practices and personal professional development.

Paris 2013






Wharton faculty, alumni and business leaders from around the world gathered in Paris to examine the theme “Talent.” In partnership with Wharton Alumni Relations and Lifelong Learning, the Forum’s Organizing Committee shaped content that focused on the ways in which organizations across industries cultivate, motivate and maximize talent. Taking into consideration the context in which we live and work, the Forum’s sessions examined such topics as negotiation strategies, creating a culture of innovation, managing up the chain of command, and leveraging creativity in the workplace.

Tokyo 2013






The Wharton School experienced significant growth since the Forum last visited Tokyo in 2002.  Under the theme of “Vitalization,” Forum Chairman Keisuke Muratsu, WG’75, established a program of interest to Wharton students, alumni, and business leaders worldwide. Wharton was also honored to have had Yotaro Kobayashi, WG’58, serve as Honorary Chairman.

Jakarta 2012






Wharton enhanced its global presence by hosting its 2012 Forum in Jakarta. With the world’s preeminent business leaders having served as panelists and keynote speakers, the Jakarta Forum continued Wharton’s long-established tradition of global outreach and broad dissemination of information.  The Jakarta Forum featured pioneering and rewarding discourse, as well as unmatched opportunities to network with alumni and business leaders from around the world.

Milan 2012






The first Wharton Global Alumni Forum 2012 was held in Milan, one of the world’s most beautiful and historic cities. As an important center of European business and finance, Milan is home to a large and growing population of Wharton alumni, and with its unparalleled culture and history, is a unique and inviting travel destination for business leaders from around the world. The Forum in Milan was the 41st in the series, which started in 1993. The Forum’s theme was “Switching Gears.”

San Francisco 2011






In 2011, the Wharton School brought its global events to the United States, through the Wharton Global Forum San Francisco. Although this marked the first time the School has held a Forum in the U.S., the event was truly global in its scope, scale and audience, exploring the theme “Creative Solutions for Global Challenges.” The San Francisco Forum was held in conjunction with the 10th Anniversary of the establishment of Wharton | San Francisco, the School’s West Coast campus.

Seoul 2010






The theme of the 2010 Forums, “A Whole New World: Where Do We Go From Here?,” focused on the nature of the ever-evolving financial climate, examining fresh opportunities for growth and the emergence of exciting economies and business ideas from around the world. Participants shared personal insights and financial perspectives—lending a unique exchange of thought leadership to all who attended.

Dubai 2009



The Dubai Global Forum was one of three Forums held in 2009 to celebrate and strengthen the global business community. All Wharton alumni and business constituents worldwide were welcome and encouraged to attend any or all of the three Forums, which were hosted in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Bogotá, Colombia, and Beijing, China.

Bogotá 2009



The Bogotá Global Forum was one of three Forums held in 2009 to celebrate and strengthen the global business community. All Wharton alumni and business constituents worldwide were welcome and encouraged to attend any or all of the three Forums in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Bogotá, Colombia, and Beijing, China.